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Drilling rig ZD-86

Drilling rig ZD-86

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Drilling rig ZD-86

The proposed drilling rig is an improved and modernized model of the standard model - the 3D-86. When modernizing this design, the wishes of the drilling organizations and the requirements of the Gostehnadzor were taken into account. The following modifications were made in the design:


1. All power systems are located in the same container, including power supply of the village and power supply of the drilling rig;


2. The pump unit and the circulating system unit are located on a separate base;


3. The panel cover of the wellhead area and all components of the drilling rig was applied, which increased the erection of the rig's ability. Possible use of panels with insulation type "sandwich";


4. In order to ensure greater safety and better working conditions, the wellhead equipment of the drilling rig is fenced off from the winch, heating of the interstitial space is provided;


5. The rig and the base of the drilling rig were manufactured in Russia from frost-resistant steel 09G2S, which allowed to certify it for work in the climatic conditions of Siberia and the Far North (in the temperature regime from +50 to -45 degrees Celsius);


6. To work on this drilling rig, 4-5 people (maintenance personnel) are needed.


7. This Drilling Rig can be used to drill sidetracks and for work related to sloping-horizontal drilling.


Technical specifications ЗД-86


Drilling depth:


4000 meters (drill pipe> 0.14 m)


5000 meters (drill pipe> 0.12 m)


6000 meters (drill pipe> 0.115 m)


Power Unit:


Model: Diesel power. Agr. CA-25


Power: 816 hp


Number of revolutions per minute: 1000


Service life: 56000 hours




Model: KPZ-900


Max. Power on gearbox: 1220 hp


Max. Circumferential speed: 15.3 m / s


Crown block:


Model: UKB 7x400


Maximum load: 4000 kN


Number of Pulleys: 7


Diameter of the winch: 0.03 m




Model: LBU-1200


Extras. Power: 1200 hp


Diameter of the winch: 0.03 m


Diameter of the drum: 0.8 m


Diameter of the working surface of brake discs: 1450 mm


Max. Circumferential speed: 15.3 m / s




Model: P700


Power: 600 hp


Permitted static load: 5000 kN


The static torque of the rotary gearbox became: 80 kN * m


Diameter of a. In the rotary table: 0.21 m


Rotary table rpm: 4.17 rpm




Model: UTBK-6-400


Max. Hook load: 4000 kN


Number of Pulleys: 7


Diameter of the winch: 0.03 m




Model: UV-320


Stat. Load: 320 tons


Max. Working pressure: 32 MPa


Diameter of a. Swivel: 0.7 m




Model: WB 53x320M1


Height: 53 m


Overall height: 57 m


Hook load: 250 tons




Model: OB 53x320M


Height: 6.1 m


Extras. Static load: 5000 kN


Drilling pump:


Model: UNB-600


Power: 820 hp


Working pressure: 25 MPa




Model: 4VU-5 / 9M1


Working pressure: 0.8 MPa


Diesel power station:


Model: VDM-200


Operating current: 200 A


Voltage: 380 V


Circulation system:


Model: ЦС-06


Number of tanks: 4


Total volume: 160 m3


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Drilling rig ZD-86
Drilling rig ZD-86
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